Andrew Carnegie once said that before anyone makes an important decision he should gather a variety of opinions from the most informed people he can find, analyze the viewpoints and then make that important decision. We believe this advice is particularly vital to successful investing. The following process identifies the top advisors for you.

Timer Digest monitors over 100 of the nations leading market timing models, ranking the top stock, bond, and gold timers according to the performance of their recommendations over the previous 52 weeks. We report on the Top 10 ranked Stock Timers' signals and recommendations, thus focusing on those Timers whose signals are currently performing best of the 100 + that we monitor and providing subscribers with their latest opinions. We also report on the Top 5 ranked Bond and Gold Timers' signals and recommendations.

Save Time, Save Money. Let TIMER DIGEST do the work!

It would cost over $20,000 to subscribe to all of these services plus countless hours of reading and listening to the Hotlines just to gather the data. It would then take many computer hours to log, sort, and analyze the data and to identify, and rank the top advisors.

In view of the importance of the Hotline and the value of the special reports, a single sample copy is not adequate exposure to this service. We are currently offering a special subscription offer for new subscribers. This offer includes the following: "The Special Annual Report Issue", and "How to Profit Using Timer Digest". All at a special discounted price of $175 for 1 Year, 18 Issues, a $50 savings off the $225 current annual rate. Please note: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.